How to Choose a Hair Transplant Doctor/Surgeon in Turkey

    No matter what kind of medical treatment you’re having, picking the appropriate surgeon is crucial. Finding the best hair transplant surgeon can mean the difference between a fantastic outcome and a dismal one when it comes to hair transplant surgery.


    What Makes a Good Hair Transplant?

    Only poorly done hair transplants are typically noticed. This is because to the practically invisible nature of successful hair transplant results. The competence and expertise of the doctor doing the treatment is what sets successful hair transplantation apart from bad. Physicians with less training or those who don’t specialize in hair restoration are more likely to generate results that stand out and look artificial. That is why choose the best hair transplant doctor is such a crucial choice.


    Who is qualified to perform a hair transplant procedure?

    Technically, a hair restoration procedure can be carried out by any doctor or surgeon with the necessary skills. Hair transplants are a common additional treatment provided by many medical practitioners and plastic surgeons. However, that does not imply that the outcomes will always be the same. A successful hair transplant operation requires not only the technical expertise but also a level of artistry and experience that can only be attained by surgeons who focus on hair restoration.


    How to Pick a Surgeon for Hair Transplant in Turkey

    You should look into a variety of variables while evaluating potential hair transplant doctors, including:

    – Whether or not they focus on hair transplant

    – How long have they been practicing hair transplant?

    – How many hair transplant surgeries have they completed?

    – What credentials or board certifications they possess images showing the before-and-after of real patients. Results might vary greatly, as can the competence, talent, skill, and experience of a hair restoration doctor. What is the doctor’s training? is the first query that needs to be answered. Only plastic and cosmetic doctors are authorized to undertake hair transplants because they are a sort of cosmetic surgery. In light of this, the procedure should only be carried out by cosmetic surgeons who have a M Ch degree in plastic surgery. Surgery for hair restoration cannot be carried out by any doctor without specialized certification or education. Dr. Kaya Clinic is a master of aesthetic skills when it comes to creating an aesthetic hairline that satisfies the requirements of a natural hair transplant standard, including the right angle and direction, the right hairline design, as well as the slit formation for implanting the grafts.

     – A hair transplant surgeon needs to be artistically skilled in order to put the grafts in accordance with the patient’s age, sex, and facial profile. Since both the steps of creating the hairline design and implanting the grafts on the bald area require an extreme sense of the artistic skills, only an expert hair transplant Surgeon can perform them in order to get the best aesthetic result of the procedure, it is said that the hair restoration procedure is 60% of artistic skills and the rest of the scientific approach.

    -The doctor’s reputation among his former patients will give you an idea of his prior work. One can request video testimonials if they are missing from social media platforms. The fourth query that one must make is, “May I see your past client reviews and may I get the contact numbers of your patients for interaction?” The reality can simply be shown by the response to this question. Therefore, allow the surgeon to offer a list of names and phone numbers of clients willing to talk about their individual experiences.


    Hair Transplant at Dr Kaya Clinic in Istanbul-Turkey

    Dr Mahmut Alan Kaya specializes in hair transplant surgery and has established a reputation for his technical and artistic skills. In order to achieve the best possible results, Dr Mahmut Alan Kaya takes many factors into consideration, including your:

    • Age
    • Facial structure
    • Existing hairline
    • Quality of hair
    • Long-term goals
    • Family history of hair loss

    Once these factors are taken into account, our doctors use their knowledge of balance and proportion, as well as blending and shading, to add the appropriate amount of density to your thinning hair.

    The goal isn’t to create a perfectly symmetrical straight line . It’s about creating a zone of hair that transitions from finer, thinner hair to denser, thicker hair—just like a natural hairline. By blending fine delicate hairs into the hairline zone, a great hair transplant can make your hairline look as natural as your original one.

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